ABAP Just Got More Agile with Nuve Platform

Published: 3/23/2023

The future is here! With Nuve Platform you can spin up an SAP instance and get connected within minutes. This is going to be an absolute game changer for ABAP developers workflow.

Say goodbye to the days of waiting around because of locked objects, managing the build up of transport conflicts, and being the odd-one-out in the SDLC. ABAP development can finally move from this quasi-waterfall-agile workflow process, to actual being agile.

Why does this help ABAP's agility?

Being able to have separate development environments for each developer will allow developers on the same team to focus on their specific task without the bottlenecks of locked objects. They can work on their solution and commit to the git repository regularly. When it comes time to merge the changes, sure there could be conflicts, but those can be handled at that point. This will greatly improve the speed at which an ABAP developer will be able to complete the solution for their problem at hand in parallel with other members on their team.

Not only does this allow developers on the same team to prevent blocking one another. This also will help prevent developers from blocking themselves. They will have the full power of being able to use Git branching so that if they are working on a solution, and something emergent comes up that they have to fix within that same source code, they can create a new branch to quickly fix that emergent bug and get it up to production, then once complete they will still have their other changes in another branch that they can switch back to. This solves the issue of them having to revert their changes, huge blocks of commented code, and clunky inefficient workflows that result from emergent bugs.

I am super excited for this! How about you?

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